2016 Preview

Dampyr: Evil strikes back!

Many enemies will come out of the shadows, in a bountiful 2016 for Boselli & Colombo's VampireSlayer: let's find out about it, in our preview of the new year of the Bonellian heroes!

By Mauro Boselli

Prague, Cagliari, Ukraine, Galicia, Mesopotamia and many other places drenched in terror, magic and death! Our trio of heroes, with the help of a few allies, will move around a fair bit, hunting for powerful Masters of the Night, savage undead, demons, sorcerers and obscure brotherhoods.

We'll have comebacks by Draka, Brumowski the aviator, Erlik Khan, Amber and Araxe. Also, Sho-Huan, the Great Ancients and Kuen–yuin's followers will return. Taliesin, Lord Mordha and Black Annis will be back as well. Nergal, Madame Bobash and Meridiana will pay their own visits, while new menacing figures, like Rubicante the demon, who will take Nikolaus' place in Prague, and the renowned magus, Aleister Crowley, a.k.a. the Great Beast, will make their first official debut on our series.

We will meet a vampire chapter of the Ku-Klux-Klan, while Kurjak will have to face death in the Indochinese jungle. Taliesin, Drustan and the Lake Knight will fight against Marsden's Picts in the Scottish  Highlands.

Godwin Brumowski flies by night: a panel from Dampyr issue 200, drawn by
Luca Rossi, that will be presented in full color. You can have a look at a coloured page by leafing through our gallery.

Also, our Dampyr Magazine will debut, with Tesla's solo adventure and a magic Scandinavian story starring Gudrun and the "Troll painter", John Bauer. Finally, in the long-awaited, full-color Dampyr n.200, Harlan Draka and a legion of belligerent allies, not all of them good, and not all of them alive, but each and everyone brave and ruthless, will fight against Erlik, his invincible army of dead and his monstrous sons. It will be the prelude to a saga that will entwine ancient battles, the final search for Dolly McLaine, a no quarter fight against Black Annis and a cunning attack against Draka and his winged female in the new World of the Masters.

Leaf through our gallery to get a preview of the beautiful artwork of this year's Dampyr's many artists.