Introduction: Three stories from the twilight zone, for a Nightmare Investigator in full color!

Dylan Dog Color Fest

N°: 24

Frequency: quarterly

Strani giorni

Release: 08/02/2018

Cover: Werther Dell'Edera

Indagatore dell'incubo
Plot, script and artwork: Alessandro Baggi
Colors: Riccardo Riboldi

A oneiric, maze-like path across the mind of the Dweller of Craven Road, on the tracks of his beloved Annelise, that fate decided to turn into a vampire.

Chiamate dal passato
Plot and script: Dennis Casale
Artwork: Gianluca Acciarino
Colors: Andres Mossa

Once he gets back home, Dylan finds an unpleasant surprise waiting for him: his apartment is turned upside-down. The past due rent led to an unavoidable consequence: a notice to vacate.

L’isola dei morti
Plot and script: Michele Monteleone
Artwork and colors: Giulio Rincione

Spurred by a painting by Arnold Böcklin, a man obsessed by the idea of crossing the border between life and death, Dylan and Trelkovski embark on an ineluctable journey.